SterlingCool- Waylube-220 (275 Gallon Tote)


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SterlingCool- Waylube Product Information Sheet


SterlingCool-Waylube 220 is a best-in-class slideway lubricant that is uniquely designed to meet the extreme lubrication requirements for both machine slides and ways. Formulated from only high-quality raw-materials and balanced with a state-of-the art additive system that provides compatibility with metal working fluids, guided lubricity, and corrosion inhibitors for parts and equipment.  The unrivaled additive system provides a smooth, consistent movement which amplifies machine accuracy, extends tool life, improves productivity and ultimately increases finishes.  Our SterlingCool-Waylube 220 is known for having excellent adhesion and load carrying capability while providing terrific separation from coolants. 


Lab Data

ISO Grade




API Gravity @ 60 °F




Viscosity @ 40 °C, cST



Viscosity @ 104 °F SUS



Pour Point °F