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Shaun at Cutting Fluids Direct


We manufacture a full line of premium cutting fluids, waylubes, hydraulic oils, rust preventatives and much more at our facility located in Ohio and we sell everything direct at wholesale prices straight to the end user.  By eliminating the middleman mark-up, we are able to pass those savings directly to our customers.

Formulated with the most advanced and latest technology, Cutting Fluids Direct's SterlingCool coolants continue to deliver unparalleled performance. Our team of chemists have more than 70 years of combined experience formulating and developing new technology.  Our full line of coolant products continue to be welcomed and respected by machine operators across the country and are recognized as some of the “cleanest” running coolants ever used. Formulated with the latest technology, our coolants are resistant to bacterial growth and coolant sump life is now being measured in years! From small job shops to large manufacturing plants, we have a cutting fluid to meet every application.