SterlingCool-VG22 (Vegetable Oil Based Swiss Cutting Oil)- 275 Gallon Tote


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A perfect replacement for Vascomill 22!!!


SterlingCool-VG22 Technical Data Sheet


SterlingCool-VG22 is a premium swiss cutting oil formulated with vegetable oil technology and a unique combination of lubricity additives. SterlingCool-VG22 exhibits excellent boundary lubrication for the most demanding machining applications without the use of chlorine. With a viscosity of 22, it is an excellent product for use in Swiss style CNC turning machines equipped with high pressure delivery systems. SterlingCool-VG22 is formulated exceptionally clean and has a bright and clear appearance which achieves exceptional visibility. It is a low foaming product making this fluid ideal for high pressure coolant delivery systems.  SterlingCool-VG22 is recommended for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials and is an excellent choice for aluminum and brass.

• High Flash Point, Safer to Use
• Low Mist/Smoke levels
• Extremely Clean
• Multi Metal/Can be used on all metals
• Excellent heat dissipation
• Greater Penetration for micro-parts