SterlingCool- Swiss E26 (Multi-Purpose Swiss Oil)- 275 Gallon Tote


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SterlingCool-Swiss E26 Technical Data Sheet


SterlingCool-Swiss E26 is a high-performance multi-purpose cutting oil. It is formulated with a special combination of extreme pressure additives that achieve excellent lubricity performance. SterlingCool-Swiss E26 contains a highly refined mineral oil base that results in a cleaner and purer product than that of other typical cutting oils. It also is a lower viscosity cutting oil than most typical cutting oils and offers better penetration and heat dissipation with a much cleaner machining result. It’s an excellent choice for screw machines and Swiss style machines. It is recommended for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. It can possibly tarnish brass or copper if not rinsed/ cleaned.

• High Flash Point, Safer to Use
• Low Mist/Smoke levels
• Extremely Clean
• Multi Metal Use
• Excellent heat dissipation
• Lower Viscosity Coupled with Higher Lubricity