SterlingCool-PlasmaCut (Premium Plasma Water Table Fluid) - 275 Gallon Tote


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Cutting Fluids Direct serves Canadian customers.   For customers located in Canada, please contact our Canadian distributor Pete Fedorko at 
(519) 476-0459 or to place orders.

Customer Reviews

5 star rating
"SterlingCool-PlasmaCut is the current market best!"
- Matthew Crescenzo (Owner of Starlab Tables)


SterlingCool-PlasmaCut Product Information Sheet


SterlingCool-PlasmaCut is a perfect replacement for overpriced brands like GreenCut, Pico Quench Guard, Plasma Quench, etc...  Our SterlingCool-PlasmaCut not only provides superior results but does it at a lower price....and SHIPPING IS FREE! (there is a small flat rate shipping fee of $10 per pail shipped to CA, WA and OR).


Proudly made in the USA, SterlingCool-PlasmaCut is an extremely premium plasma water table additive that will absolutely prevent rust, bacteria/ mold growth, insect infestation, foul smells, white residue build-up, etc...  It will not foam and it is terrific on all metals (including aluminum) and most importantly, it does all of this while being 100% safe and operator friendly!  SterlingCool-PlasmaCut is trusted and used in thousands of plasma water tables, including being used by some of the largest manufacturing companies in the US.  Our customers love SterlingCool-PlasmaCut simply because it delivers incredible results at an unbeatable price.  It mixes at 20:1 (1 gallon of PlasmaCut for every 20 gallons of water) and is unique from the competition in that our SterlingCool-PlasmaCut forces "slag" to ball up as it falls to the bottom of the table, making it easier to remove.  It also rejects tramp oil/ debris- keeping your table cleaner for longer periods of time and saving you even more money!