SterlingCool-27 (Heavy-duty Aerospace/ Medical-grade Synthetic) - 55 Gallon Drum


Collections: Synthetics

Product type: Cutting Fluid


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SterlingCool-27 is a non-chlorinated heavy-duty synthetic cutting and grinding fluid designed for both ferrous and nonferrous applications.  Exceptional lubrication coupled with low PH mix makes this product an ideal choice for tough applications on all grades of aluminum.  It is formulated with high-tech ester technology which provides excellent cooling and wetting lubrication at the cutting edge. SterlingCool-27 is operator friendly and provides excellent corrosion protection. An excellent choice for aerospace and medical aluminum applications. SterlingCool-27 runs extremely clean and clear making it very easy for operators to watch and monitor parts through the window of machines while in cutting applications.  SterlingCool-27 rejects tramp oil with ease allowing for simple removal of the tramp oil while not allowing it to mix with the coolant.