SterlingCool-44 (Premium All-Purpose, Moderate to Heavy-Duty, Semi-Synthetic) - 55 Gallon Drum


Collections: Semi-Synthetics

Product type: Cutting Fluid


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SterlingCool 44 Product Information Sheet

SterlingCool 44 Mixing Guide


SterlingCool-44 can do everything!  It is a moderate-to-heavy-duty hybrid micro-emulsion. SterlingCool-44 has a very tight emulsion for excellent tramp oil rejection keeping sumps and machines clean! Formulated for ferrous and non-ferrous materials and coupled with an EP lubricant, it’s recommended to cut a wide range of materials. SterlingCool-44 utilizes our shield technology making it bio-resistant against bacteria and mold and provides excellent sump life measured in years! Absolutely no sump stench, no bad odors!