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Cutting Fluids Direct - Premium Results at Wholesale Prices!

At Cutting Fluids Direct, we manufacture extremely premium metalworking fluids and we supply them directly to our customers at wholesale prices with free shipping to the majority of the USA!  By us removing the Distributor/ Middleman and their mark-up, we are able to help our customers save an average of $200-$700 per 55-gallon drum and over $1,000 per 275-gallon tote.  We are able to put money back on our customer's bottom lines while sustaining (if not improving) the quality of their previous coolant.  Our team of chemists have a combined 70+ years of experience and we use only top-grade raw materials when formulating and blending our metalworking fluids.  Our coolants/ cutting oils are used and trusted by some of the largest manufacturers in the USA, Canada and in the UK. We supply products for our customers in all industries including Aerospace, Medical, Military, Automotive, Energy and Machine Shops of all sizes! Our goal is to earn long-term partnerships with our customers through the quality of our products, consistency of our service, unbeatable prices and industry best lead times/ reliability.

If you like your current coolant/ cutting oil but simply want to save money, we specialize in making "Drop-in Replacement" products that can be mixed in over the top of most big-name (big-price) no clean-out/ downtime is needed.  You will get the same exact results you are used to, if not better, while saving a ton of money!  Or if you are having issues with your current products such as foul smells, rust, foam, price increases, long lead times, etc... we can help solve those issues as well!

Call us today or message us HERE and simply tell us what product(s) you are looking to potentially replace/ save money on or if you are having issues with your current products.  We will respond quickly with our exact matching replacement product(s) and pricing.....with free shipping included!  

Our Commitments

Premium Quality

Without the middleman mark-up, our prices ALWAYS get our "foot in the door" but the premium quality of our products is what keeps us in business!  All of our metalworking fluids are used to replace the big-name (big-price) brands simply because we provide the same exact results, if not better, while saving you a ton of money!  With our SterlingCool coolants and cutting oils.... tool life is extended, sump life is measured in years instead of months, you'll have zero rust, zero mold/ bacteria leading to foul odors and most importantly, all of our products are 100% operator and machine friendly products!  We want to prove all of this to you and that's why we offer risk free samples to most new customers.  We can also get you in contact with current customers and let them tell you about our company and our products!

Best Prices

Our business model is simple, we have eliminated the middleman (distributor) mark-up and we are able to pass those savings directly to our end-user customers.  Again, on average we are able to save our customers $200- $500 on drums and $1,000+ on totes!  Our prices don't change from customer to customer.....they are on our website and transparent for all to see!  We are able to offer free shipping to the majority of the USA because we are a high-volume operation and we have terrific shipping rates negotiated with our reliable carrier partners.  

Lead Times/Service

10 day lead times and being out-of-stock are both excuses you will never hear from us!  Our customers love the fact that because we are a high-volume operation, our products are always in-stock and typically orders ship out within 24 to 48 hours!  As soon as your order leaves our facility, our system will send you an automated email with tracking information so that you can follow your order all the way to your doorstep!  Our customers also appreciate our dependable and courteous customer service!  Many of our customers are large manufacturing plants that run 24/7 we do to!  We will always have someone on call and ready to support you and your teams!  Your success is our success!


"I am very impressed with SterlingCool-PlasmaCut fluid! I have cut parts and left them on the table for over a month just to see if they would start to rust and nothing! The best part is my water pan doesn’t look like a science experiment gone bad with white stuff growing in it. I highly recommend this product and will be using it from now on In my star lab! Thanks for the fast shipping as well!"

Daryl Stites, Owner of Big D's Metal Works, LLC

"Cutting Fluids Direct supplies very good products at a very reasonable price. We switched to their Sterling Cool-77 from a well-known brand. The fragrance is much nicer, they offer free shipping on every product and better prices. They supply many cutting fluids that are comparable to name brand products that have the same if not better results."

Lisa Lazarek, MZK Manufacturing

“We have been using SterlingCool-77 for over a year and find the product to be the best that we have found yet. We have used at least 4 other major brands over the last 10 years and find SterlingCool-77 to be better than any of the others. Also, Shaun Edwards and the team at are very one on one and nice to work with.”

Jack Reihart, N.E. Reihart and Sons, INC.

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